The Children of Olympus

Not long after the second Great War between the Gods and the Titans, a new one is on the horizon. The Titan Lord of Light, Hyperion, is rising. Now, dear half-bloods, which side will you chose?
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 Demigods Powers

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PostSubject: Demigods Powers   Demigods Powers I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 08, 2010 8:23 am

Credit to Half Blood RPG for the rules Smile

Powers for Demigods

All Demigods:

1. Can consume small portions of ambrosia and nectar to heal.

2. Can easily read ancient greek.

3. Has good battle skills.

Children of Poseidon:

1. Has control over water and is able to manipulate it to their will, including manipulating air and current underwater, and using it to cushion falls from high altitudes.

2. When in water, the demigod and objects s/he touches stay dry unless he wills them not to be.

3. Has a small resistance to fire/burns, and even magma.

4. Can make water flow from petrified seashells, though it takes much energy to do so.

5. Has hydrokinetic powers; he is able to move water from a river or even the ocean with their mind.

6. Can create small hurricanes around tgensekves (which include lightning and storm clouds) strong enough to throw enemies and deflect weapons, as their father is also God of Storms.

7. Can breathe under water.

8. Can control ships and know exactly where s/he is in water.

9. Can talk to horses because their dad, Poseidon, the sea god created horses out of sea foam.

10. Can stand extreme pressure when deep underwater. It is unknown how much s/he can take, or if there even is a limit.

11. Can make air bubble underwater which comes in handy several times the books.

12. Can heal with direct contact with water.

13. Can create earthquakes, though they pass out if used on a large scale.

Children of Hades:

1. Dominion over the dead, able to rule over them; bring them forth, and they are able to do his bidding.

2. Can kill otherwise immortal undead skeletons.

3. Can sense when a mortal or half-blood has died through the buzzing in his ears.

4. Can create flaming fissures of hellfire that then closes, swallowing up living or dead creatures and immediately trapping them in the Underworld.

5. Has geokinesis, or the ability to control rock, or split earth.

6. Can bend shadows to conceal his presence.

7. Can shadow travel.

8. Can put skeletons asleep by pointing at them.

9. Infinite knowledge of the underworld.

10. Contact with all creatures of the dead

Children of Zeus:

1. Can send powerful amounts of static shock throughout another persons body on contact.

2. Things that belong to their father's domain can do as she asks.

3. Has electrokinesis due to Zeus, the god of lightning; meaning she can control lightning

4. Has some aerokinesis (control over air and the sky), being the child of Zeus, Lord of the Sky.

5. Contact with all creatures of the air (pegasi not included)


Children of Athena:

1. Can see into another person's mind at will because of their extreme wisdom.

2. Able to make items that have magical properties.

3. Are natural born leaders.

4. Work extremely well under pressure.

5. Are stronger than the average Demi-God due to the fact that Athena is the Goddess of War.
Children of Ares

1. Good skill in hand to hand combat.

2. Very strong and swift.

3. Small degrees of power to Ares himself.

4. An expert in all weapon usage and even have some degree of magical control over them.

Children of Hephaestus:

1. Has the ability to basically make anything out of metal.

2. Skilled with created complex weapons.

3. Can control lava and fire to a small degree.

4. Have small resistance to heat.


Children of Aphrodite:

1. Enchants the opposite sex when they walk.

2. Magical control over clothes, makeup, and jewelry.

3. Minor degree of love magic.

4. Can make anyone do as they say when they start with the words, "I demand you".

5. Beautiful.


Children of Hermes:

1. As Hermes is the god of travelers and the messenger god, his children can teleport themselves in a radius of 300 ft. They can also teleport items to themselves in a 50 ft. radius

2. They have great control over winged shoes.

3. Can open doors without a key unless the door is enchanted by magic.

4. Can steal things without much notice.


Children of Dionysus:

1. They have the ability to control fruit bearing fruits, such as grapes or strawberries, they can use this ability to use vines for restraints.

2. They can grow a fruit bearing plant quickly if they drop a seed into the ground.

3. They can turn any fruit bearing plant into another.

Children of Demeter:

1. They have all control over plants.

2. They can create one plant into another.

3. They can rapidly grow plants of any kind.

Children of Apollo:

1. Have natural skill for archery and can hit a target perfectly each time.

2. Can heal others by praying to there father in a song in greek.

3. Can manipulate light, and can create light from the palms of there hands; and can bend light around himself and turn himself temporarily invisible.

4. Has natural skill for music.

Children of Eris:

1. Very good fighters.

2. Strong leadership quality.

3. Able to easily bring strife and discord into their enemy's life

4. May be able to incapacitate their foe, but feels drained after

Children of Nyx:

1. Stronger at night

2. Control over all things night

3. Shadow traveling, to a lesser extend than Hades kids

4. Bend shadows to conceal their presence

5. Umbrakinesis - Control over darkness


Rules For the Powers of Demigods

1. You can only have the powers after your god has given them to you.

2. You can only use powers that are of your demigod race. Ex. A poseidon child cannot go and use zeus's children's powers.

3. After hades uses there offensive powers 5 times they grow weak.

4. If poseidon children use water on a super large scale, or create earthquakes on a large scale they pass out.

The list will be updated accordingly as minor god kids come around.

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Demigods Powers
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